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    World Supplier For
    tandard Reference B

    Balentine Enterprises, Inc. dba Laboratory Standards and Technologies, markets IRB8 and Standard Reference Blacks for the carbon black and rubber industry. These carbon blacks are:
    Industry Reference Black 9 (IRB9)
    IRB 9 was manufactured by Orion Engineered Carbons. The means are statistically equivalent to IRB 8 for D3191 and D3192 testing. IRB 9 is available from Balentine Enterprises, Inc. dba Laboratory Standards and Technologies.
    Minimum order is 50 pounds .
    Standard Reference Black 9 Series (SRB9)
    The SRB 9 Series standards consist of seven grades of carbon blacks that have been approved by ASTM D24.  They provide a greater range of property values for particle size and structure than previous standards.  This will reduce the need to extrapolate ranges beyond those covered by previous standards and should yield a more accurate calibration curve.

    Iodine Number Reference (INR)

    These new standards were thermally treated in an inert atmosphere in order to exhibit stable iodine numbers over time.  These new standards are designed to improve iodine testing precision (ASTM D1510).
    Industry Tint Reference Black (ITRB2)
    This standard is used specifically as a standard for D3265 Tint Strength test.

    ASTM D3265 Tint Strength Test Reagents

    Greenflex 7170 Oil is available in one gallon quantities
    *  Industry Tint Zinc Oxide available in 2000 gm. quantities

    D1619 Sulfur in Carbon Black Standard.
    These standards contain a known percentage of sulfur and are used as references for the D1619 test on carbon blacks.


    Please refer to the price list page for prices on these blacks.

    Orders can be placed at Laboratory Standards and Technologies,
    1410 South Street, Borger, Texas 79007, Telephone 806 273 3006 or Telephone 1 800 742 7671 (US only). Fax 806 275 9215

    Contact Aaron DeRouen at 806 273 3006
    or Email:
    jwbal@cableone.net for additional information.

    To Request a quote please email